Plastic Bag Brain. Weekly Music.

Before yoga this evening I asked Rachel what I should work on.

“You’re really strong” she said.
“Yeah, thanks, running and climbing” I said.
“Yeah.. but you’re, erm, just a little bit, well, tight.”

Cue massive snorts of laughter when she catches my eye. I need *at least* three blocks. Everyone else needs one – or none to reach the floor. I might well be fit – but I am officially the tightest person she’s ever had the pleasure to teach. Woo. Score 3/7 for flexibility me.

“Downward facing dogs after every EVERY run and swim.” She said. Quite firmly.

I like her. We have organised now that she will come into work to provide ten weeks of classes. Everyone should have the chance to appreciate the massive benefits of Rachel.

Plastic Bag Brain

So I might not be very plastic (yet!) but I am trying to improve.

The Prof sometimes implies the Student is plastic for him. But plastic doesn’t have to mean malleable in the no-spine sense [1]. After all, its what all of us Rachel acolytes are aiming for.

[BTW I prefer the non-live version of this. Its rather better.]

But his plasticity and slowness commentary on his Student aside, what I/we do know, and what worries me a lot (even after this evening’s hour of Rachel-Yoga-Three-Block-Zen), is the Prof’s known history of attempting to control women through his pictures. This tactic ranges from the acceptable  “I’ll show you my pic that I’ve taken of you later” nudge-nudge wink version; apparently to the to the rather more troublesome: “I will share my under-carriage and vista photos with others” type version.

There are a variety of possible answers to this.

Having seen (in a lot of saunas) a really rather wide range of under-carriages and full frontals – I guess there aint nothing particularly surprising under the sun – or even under the office lampshade. So the first response could be – Who cares?

But, if you do care. Even the faintest whiff of this sort of threat equates to even more ethical, legal issues, and/or larger reparations from the Prof. And hence perhaps the weval (Wee Value?) remix of this: Ra!

As I said previously, the thing to remember is “It is enough if … a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would think that the course of conduct… [was a form of harassment]” So the mere fact that the Prof implies that he might hold such pix of his Student – and moreover publicly threaten disclosure – of course stands heavily in the Student’s favour. Regardless of where the truth lies [2]. And because so many others understand this, the Student has a very good case.

To be totally clear

The Student holds *all* the cards. So.. whatever she wants, financially or indeed in any other respect [3].


[1] Incidentally, I get the tag of Mumm Ra! – demon destroyer of the Thundercats – ta so much. So getting called plastic and slow probably aint so bad.

[2] A reasonable person knows that (in this case) harassment hinges on public innuendo/double/triple meanings.

[3] If the worrisome factor for you, the Student, is an unwitting DH – remember that the Prof really played everyone rather well for most of this particular escapade. He is quite good at this. So presumably you needn’t have too many qualms on this front [4].

[4] Anyway – you, the Student, can probably have your pick of the company, and beyond, if DH disappears over the hill. Apologies if this outlook is a little too much on the practical side – but you are very cute. I do agree with the Prof on this :-).


[5]  Right, I’m going to shut down my fb account now for another period.

And maybe, in the meantime, come up with a more effective blogging plan.  Perhaps separated Garden, Work, Family, and Diary blogs?


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