A fond farewell to my carbon belt. Good bye dear bike..

Well, it was a good year, we had good times together… but now a fond farewell:

Have you seen this bike? Its mine!

My fabulous bike was stolen from right outside the sports centre door this week. A thief cut my heavy-duty Abus chain lock, presumably in full view of lots of people, during a single hour [1]. Grr.


The professional seeming nature of the theft makes it likely that it will not be recovered. Though I did, of course, head down next day to the police station to spend an hour going through their reporting procedure. Coming back through town, after a year of high-end carbon belt bike glory, it was a bit sad to be cycling round on a beat up chain mountain bike. Though a kind friend has now lent me something a little speedier :-).

It being a relatively expensive bike, the loss did then get me thinking a bit about money. I am in the fortunate position of having a full time job on a decent enough salary. (As is DH-D.) That said, had I not been aided in my mid twenties, I would never have been able to buy a house in  Cambridge. And owning a reasonable sized house, when considering starting a family, is so much better than renting. It was the gift of a 20k house deposit, 12 years ago, plus some thought about the management of subsequent house purchases and financing, that enabled my purchase of a decent sized Cambridge house in 2013. (And thus to consider spending more now on nice bikes :-).

So to me, the transfer of housing deposit-sized sums of money from the parent-age generation to the mid-twenties appears necessary for home lives to work. If I get a new high-end bike – it will because of mid-fifties generation reparations to a mid-twenties recipient twelve years ago. And whilst 20k sufficed in my mid twenties, is it now something like three or four times that (6-80k?) the mid-twenties need for a housing deposit in Cambridge.

And what should I be buying this time round?

What about one of these?


Whatdoyouthink? Mmm. Nice methinks. Wonder if they come in small and/or women’s frame-sizes?


[1] Which incidentally I spent experimenting with a treadmill to see if it might help with my 5 km times.


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