Bring you Back online. No really – please dont. Really. Weekly Music.

You know when you know someone who has such a major block that they cant see it themselves? When they would do anything. Use anyone. Or anything, to get back what they want?  Bring You Back:

Hey Prof:

Apart from the ethical and legal issues involved in continuing to stalk your student – there are a load more involved in telling the world about it via your blogs and facebook. This is public bullying.  It is seems a somewhat narcissistic 53 year old who still cannot see that that vulnerable young mid-twenties female, who is professionally dependent on them, is not in their usual stalkable category:

Prof, you are tasked with looking after your student’s professional life and outputs, not continuing to humiliate her when she is feeling low, and threatening her with replacement when she doesn’t comply with your wants. If she says she doesn’t want it online – it isn’t paranoia. IT MEANS SHE DOESN’T WANT IT. (Apologies for shouting – but its hard to know how else to get this across.) She is worth so much more than this. Use of poetry, french, braces and so on in your online bullying makes it worse – not better.

If you guys want to lick each others privates in the company cupboard or loos,  providing its mutual, its not a crime. Except perhaps against taste in pants :-). But the Prof. putting it online like this *is* criminal.


PS To the little kitten Student you can have him sacked – and very likely jailed – anytime you want.  If he doesn’t do his utmost for you, you can remind him of this. Or the next time, he puts up something about wanting to try out his girlfriend’s backdoor entrance – for his (and your) whole community to ponder.

PPS Are you listening this time, Prof?

PPPS Apologies also to the student for inadvertently being a small part of the means by which he hooked – and hauled you in.

PPPPS Student, do you write anything yourself on the online world? You, and your side, is much more interesting than him you know…

[Apologies for getting a little crude, but am not sure how else to make the point about online pressurising and bullying.]


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