Weekly Music: You’re Wondering,

of course, whether I beat the 2 hour mark for my Half Marathon. You’re Wondering?

As You Wish: My time was 1:45. And here is the course too, for anyone interested:

I enjoyed the 2017 Half more than the 2016 version. Last year (2016) I pushed over the last 5 km. This year’s lack of training runs longer than 10 km meant that I didn’t have the capacity to push after 16 km. Possibly because this lack of training, I also had no joint stiffness: just a nice amount of post run muscle soreness [1]. Full recovery within 24 hours: a good prof. massage the day after helped.

So what next?

The toy Triathlon from 2016? The lack of a (training) diary should be tackled before signing up for more events. But the intention is to do at least one more half marathon in 2017. And also to look at improving my 5 km time. Surely (surely?) I can run a 5 km under 4:40 per km.. How hard can it be?


[1] 2016 half –knees too stiff?


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