Everything She Wants. Weekly Music

So its been a busy few weeks. The last of the Big proposals goes in today. All 150 pages of it. Plus 56 pages for the Not-Quite-So-Big-One. The odds of success are around 1 in 5 for the Big One, and 1 in 12 for for the NQSBO.

The plan is now to steer clear of leading proposals for a year or two. TBH I would not have agreed to lead both of these two had I known beforehand that 2016’s batch of proposals would succeed.

When teleconferencing recently, my Big Un female co-lead and I did  both kinda also say, But! Oh God,  if they do fund us.. Everything She Wants? Wham!

It would be a very large (4M) project to be (co)heading. Exciting. I do want it, but.. in my world, that’s scarily big – in terms of the control and oversight required.

Gotta Get Back in the Groove

Meantime, in the 6-9 months until finding out the result, I might actually do some real work! And have a life! Lush Life:

Or at least – I might get back to doing some actual science work. I have also done a couple of college dinners, and tried to get a little better at networking in recent days.

But.. no more proposals also means time to sort out those (expensive!) kiddy horse lessons. And maybe to accept those rowing outing offers. And perhaps to crack the whip on my other go-slow Projects, like that still barely functioning Compost heap. Which does help produce such beautiful flowers, when actually fixed and functioning.. Why You.

Flowers are always acceptable : -).






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