I’m not the boy you wanted? Weekly Music.

I like this track. Not entirely sure what it means – Boy:

[Perhaps follow the link  if the above doesn’t work? This one’s not youtube.]

Somewhat unusually for me, I’m been out quite a lot of evenings in the last couple of weeks. Mostly with the girls rather than boys. And some of them have been trying to persuade me back into the women’s footy scene.

I did play around 2002. Mostly with LBGT folks: it was a lot of fun.

But there are/were two problems. One is that I’m not terribly good at football. My passing is okay/relatively accurate. But the lack of confidence in close control is embarrassingly obvious; though being reasonably fit and playing defense did help. But.. a second problem is that, believe it or not, the one thing I did really very well was, erm, to attract LBGT women. And maybe men. One lovely man once told me (and I think he actually meant it) that if I was a boy, I’d have been his true love. A nice compliment. But.. Er.. Eh??

Anyway, in the early 2000’s I was hit on by relatively few (straight) men but, by God, I had more than enough female fans. Mostly through football.  And apparently some women still like me. Hmm. Maybe its me sexxy long socks and wee footy shorts? : -) Even if the straight D Boys think my figure doesn’t quite add up.  Stars Beyond : -?

[Ooh! Ooh! How about this one too? Just happened on this one now. Yes, yes, I know – get on with the Proposal…[The video is amusing too – enjoy.] ]

Apart from drinking beers with the gals

So apart from sharing beers with the ladies and sorting through my sock drawer, I’ve been doing a ton of interviewing and proposal preparation work. I even got to chair one of the interview panels – for seven straight hours (excepting a 16 min lunchbreak for us to to scoff our way through Friday fish, chips, and salad). I had great co-panel members with me – and most of the candidates were good too. Both of which really helped. But by the end I was totally knackered and a little pale: it was exhausting. Maybe need to learn some techniques to reduce the fatigue involved with chairing? And staying on top of everything and everyone. Especially for several hours at a time.

And no half marathon training!

Still no long run in 2017! Less than two weeks to go before my once yearly half marathon. And I put the breath trainer (P+) in the dishwasher – this is not a good idea.  Have been wondering about my likely resultant time. Without any training at all, am still hoping for less than two hours. Maybe 1:55?

Post orienteering this last Sunday (I came 10th on the Green), we went to Southend-on-Sea. I like my pic of the little Southend toy train waiting over the water. Atmospheric, huh?


And now I’m dying in Proposal Land again. Weekend working – writing up interview forms. Now neverending (?) 13 hour days writing endless endless endless proposal docs… Yawn…


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