Weeks Achievements and Fails


  1. Orienteering at High Lodge on Saturday with A + catching up with a friend.
  2. Sorting out and watering half my compost heap on Sunday. (Other half still to do: its a Big one.)
  3. Paying off mine and the kids library fines (20 p).
  4. Looking after everyone else in my family whilst they have been quite inconsiderately sick. (Guys, you know, its not okay to be sick when I am writing proposals.)
  5. Despite 4. submitting a very large grant proposal on time.
  6. Not proof-reading 5.; instead submitting it at 7:30 pm and going to drink several glasses of wine at the Pub instead with lot of fabulous WiS :-).
  7. Feeling totally okay about 6. There are only so many 14 hr workdays that one can  do. For me -3. And then That Is That.
  8. Driving to Nottingham, and competently interviewing phd candidates. Despite a slight hangover. And despite, um, a few navigational issues.
  9. Getting R to read a full sentence for the first time! Woo!


  1. Not running since Sunday.
  2. Not going to Yoga.
  3. Slightly neglecting those under me at work. (But only slightly.)
  4. Not making two seminars that I really really wanted to attend this week.
  5. Not going climbing.
  6. Not fixing my bike puncture (and riding around all week on my road bike instead).



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