U is for Utopia. Weekly Music.

Actually, this sort of Oxbridge music is (for me) something of a turn-off [5], but, I do also like just a little bit of. At least from time to time. Chicks on Speed; Utopia:

I would have written a blog post earlier in the week. But I am currently gradually slowly going down, and under, in Proposal land. One very large Proposal is due in in two days – and I am interviewing offsite for one of those two days – and the other super large one (worth waay more than my life) is due in another three weeks. Rocky, Apologize:

The lyrics vid also made me smile – it reminds more a smidgeon of proposal writing problems. Honey can you pretend? Now we heading to the… Now we heading to the…  What? End?  Sorry?! Whens the deadline?? Oh God. (And FFS why Am I writing blog posts now?? -Arg!)


[5] Its not the music or sentiments. Just that more and more it seems to be those privileged accents and backgrounds that dominate this music scene [2]. Wheres the options for small town musicians/singers? And, Goddammit!, that is one Dull Dull video, folks.

[2] Whilst `Oxbridge confidence’ may sometime be more about blagging it than actual confidence – nonetheless it can be near impossible for non-Ox’ers to stand up to the pretence. Maybe they need a occasional [11] literal leg-up :-).

[11] One of my good friends had an interesting – and very likely – correct theory about ladder climbing in work and socially – for the educated. He thought it was all about the actual practice i.e. if you lack confidence start as low (as you like) and work your way up. One situation at a time. For example, he started with some totally rancid boyfriends – but after much interesting practice – ended up with a very attractive (and actually also rather lovely) one.  I think that is also probably true of other situations too.

[19] I may need a little luck now in getting this submission sub’ed in time. And maybe some more music to help…

[OMG – I’m really gonna work on my pre-sub proof-reading for my proposal.]



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