Translation Notes.

Further clarifications for anyone who requires them.

[250 login attempts.] If it has been promised to arrange a time on a set day, a single email on that day suggesting two time options is not 250 login attempts. Even added to a line (wishing you good weather in return to your climbing cancellation message); still not 250 login attempts.

[Fires and trains.] May I tactfully suggest replying to the email? The one mentioned above that suggests the two alternative 30 min slots? It might just be good for all (esp me – please!) to end this blog farce.

[And for the Student] – and feel free to ask for any further clarification – whenever required. Via any means you like. And note to the Prof, I will try not to update or extend this post. As ever (and ever and ever?) I would rather this attempted resolution happens in private, please.

[G (?), Ice cracks, Krauts, Inspectors, etc. etc.]  Some based on next blog post? Aimed at further manipulating the Student? Prof, you are indeed found guilty of constant attempts at manipulation. Though I guess it is true that it is (technically) up to others how to respond – once this has been made clear to them. Though it is, of course, almost impossible for them to manage this situation if they are managed by you.

[Love on the cards? Ace of hearts held by science/anatomical chameleon.] Cards refer to the Student. A could be a possible alternative name/letter (N was most commonly used in the past), could also be Anatomical. Chameleon – science disguise perhaps. Most likely direct disguised communication – rather than manipulation.


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