Mouse trap? Weekly music.

Back writing about this again. Eventually it will (must?) all stop. Meantime thoughts on two aspects of the Prof-Student thing.

Reason and Genes: or Why does the Profs approach work?

The Prof has actually been relatively straightforward about his wishes; especially earlier in the year. Escape and 100% stake in the Student. The Student knows this – and is wary of his age and reliability – yet it is not enough to put her off. Why?

Here are my thoughts. We (women) are fundamentally not apparently rational when it comes to choosing partners. Women are instead somewhat subconsciously selecting for genetic fitness and genetic match plus and (probably less importantly) the likelyhood of the partner sticking around.

The Prof is clearly intelligent. Plus points for that. And fit for his age. But where he scores abnormally high is the open display of other (cave age type) markers for genetic fitness. Creating a group of cheerleaders for himself. Constant watching over of those in his group.  Frequent and visible disciplining of those in his group. Shouting/talking for longer than anyone else. (Ever?) Displays of his abilities as a father and provider. And so on.

Some of these are unusual. Others ‘qualities’ are just more about the open and constant reminding of people of his presence.  His List communication approach means that most of his circle know about his wishes. They probably also know that his openly stated wishes for both a 43%, and a 100%, stake are not reconcilable. Intentional? I dont know. But I worry about the pressure on her: his constantly publicly telling so many people what His wishes are a form of pressurising. Alongside the Professional control over the Student. Its all rather problematic from a Lefty-type moral perspective.

So, lets get to some music, and some more displays of genetic fitness instead, eh? Mousetrap! Too many Zooz:

A Mousetrap plea. Please Prof, give her enough space to make sure that she really is okay with all this stuff. She is under huge pressure to comply [2]; I dont know how aware you are of that yourself.

And the Student, again, you have had to put up with so much already. You are beautiful and smart. Consider making him wait some more, until you have had space and less pressure: he’s been solely yours for years already. So you can make him wait as long as you want. Whatever else he might sometimes imply.

Too Many Zooz!

Anyway meantime, whilst awaiting the Tesla-Diesel Estate personal life car smash, some others would prefer to travel onward. Which is, of course, the second thing I wanted to say. And ideally we would like to travel while not being constantly prodded, yelled at, or otherwise besmirched whilst travelling. We do have our Lefty virtue to consider, you know.

So while this sort of thing is accurate,


about the Profs need and approach to Distracting others, and his need for his Student helicopter. (And yes, it did therefore make me laugh, okay I am a bad Lefty – sorry). But, actually, as a response to inclusion on a standard climbing list circular its, well, a bit odd. So, please, I would prefer not to feature in any of my astonishingly diverse (and rather inconsistent), forms in the Ongoing-Future-Stoativerse-Make-Believe world.

Prof, you know you used to have real things to say, beyond wooing your lustrous Student. Can you not find something else to talk about again? At least, give me a break from your lists, please.

Needed! Space Time.


[1] Thanks again to other blog-y types out there. You are even making me where I might want to explore in terms of blogging. Wow! Couldn’t quite say it is exactly planned.  Yet. But, some seeds are at least planted. Maybe they will grow in time? L.

[2] One of the locally oldest fathers in Scotland lived a half-mile down the road from me. He died when his daughter was 13. He was about 70. [*See below]

[*correction this is a mix-up of two stories. The oldest father was 80 when the child was conceived. And I dont know what happened to him.  That was maybe 5-10 years ago. He might still be around? The 70 year old dying was apparently another local. Conceiving children at 57 (for men) is probably not so unusual.]



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