A last comment on this?

So, having had a little feedback, comment on this is still apparently required. I hope this is the last comment that is required.  Let’s Go:

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with young-old relationships. Some can work very well. And, in many senses the Prof is a catch, since it is genuinely the case that he attracts a variety of people. Moreover, he can ensure devotion from those people. That is rare and special. And fwiw he likely would be very very devoted to the Student.

There is also nothing intrinsically wrong with choosing to write comments on Lists. Its kinda nice to have those who make an effort to engage on these forums. And free speech is a right – excepting, of course, this sort of thing.

But there is one big problem: the Prof-Student supervisor relationship. And therefore also this sort of thing too. To try to make her unenviable position clearer: reducing her social networking abilities (via the Lists); control over her day-to-day work; control over the critical start of her career; control over her future career (eg via references and training); her supervisor presenting her as alternatively a force of nature or a simple sex object/toy to her colleagues/community; and so on. These are not good for her.

Leaving his Student as few places (nowhere?) to turn might seem a good idea to the Prof. But, and here is the rub, the Prof actually really does have his plus points. So, Prof, why not let her go professionally. Then she could turn back to you. But this time of her own free will?

And I know this may all seem overblown to the 40+ white males in her Group.  But she is very young (and likely isolated) in a sea of males. Please guys, try to see why this is so unfair to her. Allow her to obtain the professional relationships that she needs. Encourage the Prof to take his alternative job offers? Or think of a different way to solve it? Her career is surely worth something to you too?


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