Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen

This is a great place– totally recommended. I get to go a couple of times a year. There today at about 2:30 pm. Quick swim in the bottom level outdoor pool – gorgeous in the snow and steam. Then upstairs into the sauna section for a first aufguss session. The aufguss sessions are on the hour. Make the 3 pm sesh.


My first Trance aufguss. The attendant (aufguss-er?) is about 25 and toned – and just possibly quite proud of his vigorous towelling ability. 15-17 min. This time I properly counted how many people were in there: 28 men, and 14 women. No women on the top xcept me. About half-half M-F on the middle and bottom shelves.

I was clearly not the only one who found the vigorous Trance-towelling from our young attendant really rather entertaining. And yes – he was attractive – but more just the sheer effort and clear pride he took in his work. It made me and several others smile. Plus his music choice. Aufguss music is, well, usually rather duller.

Cold shower – time in the outdoor pool – and 25 min in the relaxation room to read my book before the next supposedly gentler 4 pm aufguss. Same trance chap. Same glorious towel snapping action.  This time his 17 min did actually do me in (again no other females on the top – perhaps they, erm, have more sense?). I’m on the bottom shelf by the end. Less people in this session 20-ish. Roughly 30% women again.

Crawl out the door at the end of the sesh – into cold pot via cold shower for 5 min to recover. Float around outside and then retire to a fireside seat for a while. Now dark.

5 pm last Aufguss. This one is marked as ‘extra hard’ on the list, oh dear. An ice and salt sesh. Same glorious attendant. No wonder he is toned and smooth if does this sort of thing 8 times a day. I give in and sit on the second tier (still no other females on the top). I do really like the ice and salt half way through this one. Getting a little salt rub halfway through is a pleasure.

Cold pot. Then down to the Turkish section. Float. Then steam. Then time to go find everyone else for dinner in town.

Wow. I feel clean : -).


[not my pix – nicked from the official website]


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