The tale of the Oxford Prof’s group (3 of 5)

The List was key. For the Prof might acknowledge other forms of communication from the fans. But it was most commonly via the mailing list, rather than via original form.

The tale of the Oxford Prof’s group continued

So there was flirtation via the list. Indirect discussions of suggestions, preferences, and ideas. Some of this spilled onto other university-wide sports and research mailing lists too. Some of the newbies were confused by the terminology of the lists, and quite embarrassingly confused about their distribution and readership. Various others in the group provided theories and quite witty commentary on the group and the Prof.

But mainly this. The Prof was always there and always ready to offer his opinion on all offerings made by the postdoc fans. Both public and private. The opinions were frequently amusing and very often spot on. The occasional meet up at a pub would also happen, with flirtation on one side, or other, or both.

And so it went on. For a long time. The continuous daily public attention via the lists. And the postdocs were kinda both flattered, distracted, and intrigued. But also progressively more puzzled. For when they met,  the Prof would generally, not always, hint that he really wanted something more. But what?

Should they turn up and purr their science presentations in their little electric blue cocktail dress and 5″ spike heels? Sing their huskiest Happy Birthday To You Mr President standing over the other fans?  Or perhaps just throw off everything and run around the meeting in their smallest triangle thong and thigh high boots, whilst chanting the Lord’s Prayer?

Hmm. It seemed a bit of an ask. All rather puzzling.

[end part 3]


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