Hair today – little bit gone thereafter.

Hair appointment today. Having written once or twice before about my hairdresser, cut, and highlights, obvs you’d like to see what goes on when I do manage to get an appointment.  So I took the opp to take a few pics:

Why hello! Yes, I look a little rough having frantically cycled here like from a childrens party 5 miles away. And not having had a haircut for 14 weeks. But nevertheless, could you perhaps sort me out, plz?

I didn’t have a book with me. But, there were a couple of Hellos! Which I also never get at home either. And its nice to have a cup of tea made for me too. Then Tracy set to work:

With her delightful hat stuck on my head, she then pulls through little segments of hair. I swear she does delight in using her slow torture crochet hook device. That pulling through takes 15 mins. (Or perhaps longer – if she is feeling particularly malicious – like today.) Then bleach:

So anyway.  Did I actually mention the basic aim? That is to have other light streaks in the hair, to make the other white bits blend in more. See?

Highlights! They work with the white hairs?

I think it works. Somewhat torture? Yes. But she does also cut it quite nicely. Which is good. So tolerable – I guess.


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