Waiting for a signal. Weekly music II.

A bit of bling in the greenhouse. It means I love you:

Its cute, no? And this one too. A signal that comes back.

I like how it gets quite  cosmic from about 2:16, not so sure that the last minute and a half adds much, but the comic-strip-style video is nice.

Got some good news today.

A  proposal that scored 6 (very very bad) last year, has just been scored 9 (very very good) this year [See below]. Wooo. Its always very nice to get comms along those lines.   I should surely be grovelling to the Gods in return :-}. 2016 is turning into a surprisingly good year for funding.


(1) The proposal was revised, and there were other reasons for the improvement in score: new publications etc..

(2) The peer review process, whilst subject to the same unconscious biases that affects all else in life, does generally work very well. But, yes, ‘unintentional mansplaining’ did appear in a response document:





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