The Queen’s O’ing

Further orienteering this weekend. This time at the Queen’s Sandringham hangout. You’re not actually allow to visit her Sandringham house in winter. Perhaps because she is in residence? But she most graciously allows her o’ing subjects access to her grounds.  And this event I remembered my running shoes – yay.


Starts were from 10:00 till 12:00. To make it there in time, had to leave straight from swimming at 9:30. So D cycled to meet us after the swimming at the pool. And amazingly we remembered all critical o’ing stuff this time [1].

On arrival at 10:45, D went straight off to do a Green, mainly coz he was already dressed in his running stuff, and I wasn’t.  I woke up A, who’d dozed off. And then took A&R to the park+loos. The park there is a good one:

Walked back to hire dibbers and get maps at 11:40, and D made it back nicely on time at 11:50. So time enough for me to also go round the Green (4.9 km, 60 m) this time, whilst kidz+D did a (2.4km) Yellow.

Went to the start together – and then set off about the same time.

Most of the course was good but after a longer break from the sport, I find it hard to ‘get my eye in’ i.e. match map distance and bearing to the ground from the get-go. You don’t get to see your map until after the start, so there is no time to do this beforehand. Anyway, I have a long and, erm, glorious history of rather hare-brained starts to o’ing events. And it happened again.

1 looks way easier than actually is.

Spent 5 mins thrashing around a 150 x 300 m segment of forest before finally giving up, running out on the north side, to take another bearing back in. That equalled a loss of something like 8 min. So definitely not a competitive run. But after that things improved, and the estate is really a gorgeous area to run in. Once the NOR results are up, I think see for a link, I will be looking to see if I might have just about made the top ten without the hare-brained start.

Kids+D had a good run too – though apparently stopped to play hide-and-seek somewhere in the forest, which may have somewhat adversely affected their competitiveness. Anyway they enjoyed it.

We couldn’t go see Qs house today. So instead here is a couple more pics from a visit a few months ago instead:


[1] But, ahem, forgot a pen and games.

The Queens best ceramic fruit, with guards.

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