Maulden Woods – the Weekend

Inspired, as ever, by the mash, I have several times wondered about writing up a weekend. And this has been a particularly nice one, so here’s that post:


Breakfast with the kids around 7:30 am. Then kids and I make a start on the long deferred Toy Sort Out. Too many birthday presents; too many kindly meant toy-based advent calendars; and far far too many party bags have led to a gradual build up of Stuff. Impending Christmas and the promise of a Christmas Tree = hard clear out.

After 45 min of sorting out, scoot out (on my own) at 8:49 am aiming for the 5 km Cambridge Parkrun. Arrive just as the starter hooter sounds, and start at the back of a field of 400 or so.  Stop to hang up my fleece jacket as I pass by a fence. The run feels mostly good – I think maybe somewhere around 5 min per km. Slower than I was running earlier in the year. But I have not doing much running for a while, and I’m okay with that for now. Having started last, I pass by runners for most of the 5 km. And end up in a sort-of sprint finish with another couple of female runners, one of whom I think rather kindly, might well have let me finish before her. Stop to pant for a minute or two then walk back to download.

Missing a few events.

After download, say hello to a couple of folks, and then head directly home for shower and to continue with tidy up. D and kids head out to buy a Christmas tree – but return within 35 min! I am then somewhat grumpy until they are persuaded to go out and spend some time together in the garden. Then I have a chance then to finish off the more severe throwing out of toy-related-junk. Just about manage to finish that, then kids and I into car for another birthday party. Only 5 min late = success : -).

Another pleasant soft play party. But I am still feeling a little less social than ideal,  so I minimise chat with other parents, and spend a bit more time playing. Finish the party at 2:30 and we walk to nearest supermarket for w/e shop.

Get back for 3:25 pm – starving. Had also been hoping to take the kids to the park beside the river and watch the rowing race, but sadly too late for that. One time soon I want to be able to see all of the Christmas Head. But at least, in my absence, the tidying and cleaning up has been successful.

Spend an hour or two putting up the tree in front of a warm fire. R does some of the decorations. Our decorations are a rather random mixture of hand-me-downs from several sources – but the tree is lovely – and much appreciated.

Dinner – roast – then an hour or so playing with wooden trains and track. All good. Bed for kids. I watch a somewhat overhyped 2013 film – everyone else has gone to bed.


Breakfast around 7:30 with R & D. A went to sleep rather late yesterday after an overlong post-party/shopping nap, so he is allowed to sleep until R & I go leave to swimming at 8:08 am. Arrive at the poolside just about on time at 8:31 am. R does 30 min class – mainly position for swimming. I get 22 min to do 600 m of mixed strokes.  Then watch the last 4 min of R’s class. Drive back and stop at shop for breakfast pastries. Scoff pastries all together at home with coffee at 9:40 am.

Grab running stuff and leave for orienteering (which has always been referred to simply as o’ing by all the folks who got me into it 10 years ago : -). Discuss courses on route with D and N – decide that I will do a Green (30-50 min), but discover on arrival despite bringing a dodgy array of o’ing type clothes, I didn’t bring any running shoes. Oops. No running away! Nevermind. Kids and I really enjoy 1.6 km White course. It’s a good un – with little windy paths and hidden controls. We probably finish last. But its fun – and maybe first 3 year old finisher? And R & A absolutely love dibbing.

Wait 30 min for D to do a Green, and 50 min for N to finish a difficult Brown (8.6 km + lots of mud). Then drive to a Greene King pub in St Neots for lunch. Wait far too long for lunch to arrive – difficult to ensure kids are well enough behaved – but after we have food all are in a much better mood.

Drive home. Kids both fall asleep – put them in bed. Two hours of sorting out photos for Christmas – photo books are a favourite for relatives. A wakes up. Playing with A – puzzles + play dough + lego, and also start writing this post and eating a little (v big lunch – so no one wants a proper dinner). Cracked nuts and hot chocolate, with remnants from last nights dinner. Bath, books, and bed for kids.

Post post in a nice clean room squashed between warm fire and Christmas tree.  Warm Chistmas-y wishes to all. =L

O’ing and pub notes:

Next time, do bring a flask of something warming. And a pen + games/cards.


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