Door Class. Hamburg 2016

In my hotel room, `writing’ my talk for tomorrow, after subsisting on a diet of poster-session food. Though it was particularly nice poster food.  Oh, its all so glamorous. Though there is the ever impending proposal of doom – that I need to be writing now too.  Maybe what I really need is some distraction?

I forgot a book. Was a bit of a rush to manage three parties (kids parties  – I’m just taxi driver) plus swimming before leaving on Sunday. But I did fortunately remember the most important thing of all. Some serious stick on nails  :-).


Whoa these are kinda long – and kinda super-glued on. Was this really a good idea?


Hmmm. Right. Maybe right hand only? I may need to be able toimages type (eat? pickup items?) in the next three days. There could be issues if these blades are attached to the ends of all of my fingers.


Phew. There is a tiny file in here too…

But now the tiny tiny file seems to have died. And they are still rather long..

Okay- hmmm. Instructions?? Read?? Ah, apparently the nails come off… with a bucket of  industrial solvent. Which I dont happen to have to hand. Well, that’ll be sticking with the right hand only then. Oh dear. Hehe. Back to the proposal/talk. And maybe left handed typing?



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