So, given that Stoptober went pretty well, perhaps Movember might be the next big thing for my blogging career?

28797908-just-having-fun-beautiful-young-short-hair-woman-holding-fake-mustache-on-her-face-and-smiling-stock-photoAnd in other related news, I’m shortly headed south (via west) on the cheapest flights to Santiago ever. 24 hours with a flight in 2 parts on the way there and then 30 hours back. All for a 3 day workshop. Ah well. At least I also save on hotels by spending the majority of my nights away on a plane…

But one nicer point to end on. My Brogger seminar organiser just emailed to tell me I was (in the view of some at least) apparently their best speaker of this year. Woo. So I might not be exactly the worlds best blogger, or travel booker, but apparently these days I can give good, and enjoyable, science talks.

Its really nice to hear that (thanks guys :-}).




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