You said I move so fast. Weekly music.

First up, a new Agnes Obel track. Yay!

These Ozzy chaps are new to me. All very soulful. Heart Beats Slow:

This one of theirs is a really good cover (her voice is vair nice, eh?) though maybe a bit of hipster-tear-jerker. Stay with Me:

And for anyone who still wants more, a properly full on, if somewhat older album:

I do really like Gjallarhorn. Though it may be an acquired taste, and an hour is quite a long time. And yes, there might also be a didgeridoo on this one; but it was 1994 when they started down this path. For my money, Sylvklar (number 6) is one of Gjallarhorn’s best – but its buried away  on the Rimfaxe album.

Anyway, if two hours of Gjallarhorn action hasn’t adequately finished you off, perhaps an additional hour of genius from Joanna Newsom will [**]. Ys!

Hope you enjoy 🙂 [***]


[*] Ys is brilliant – do give it a chance – it really has been touched by the Gods. And the Garridian says so too – so perhaps its true : -).

[**] For the short of time/patience, perhaps Only Skin (no 4, 31:33) might be a possible intro compared with starting at the start?

[***] And yes, a bit like Thomas Feiner, Gjallarhorn and Joanna Newsom are not so popular. So if you really dont like this music – dont panic! There surely will be more Grimes or Groovy Armada sometime just for you…


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