Towards Zen

About a decade ago I tried pilates. It did not work out. I didn’t like it much at all, and preferred to go running instead.

However, two of the climbers whom I practice with have a slightly superhuman poise, strength, and invaluable bendiness. Of which I am both not in possession and noticeably envious. After intense questioning I finally uncovered the secret. Yoga. Aha! Its probably also worth saying that I also hardly ever bother to do the stretching that one is supposed to after or before running , climbing, cycling or swimming. Partly time issues, and partly well that I just dont.  And I also probably sit at a computer for a few too many hours.

Anyway, all that is just preamble – in keeping with Stoptober, I’ve just also made good on a long running aim, and did yoga tonight! With Rachel, whom was strongly recommended by a neighbour.

Rachel teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her session was surprisingly hard.  But I now know what a Downward Dog is, can Plank with the rest, and can ever manage Warrior Pose. Yoga it seems, is not just for folks who cant be bothered to go running, and I can even see why it should be beneficial for climbing. So altogether it was okay; I newly look forward to being able to get me legs up a few inches further next visit to the climbing wall.

Reach for that Zen; Reach For It.



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