Stop’tober:  blog reflections

This blog has drifted from what I initially though I would be writing about. Perhaps that’s in the nature of a personal blog. However, via Bjork: ‘I refuse it’s a sign of maturity, to be stuck in complexity’. Which has been rattling about in there, along with too many other words.

So a blog promise to myself: I will try in October to lay off intentional innuendo, double or triple meanings, and lolspeak. This is partly because how I write (intended) seems to bear only a passing resemblance to how I’m read.  And occasionally no resemblance at all. That must be partly a fault of my writing and partly my choice of subject matter. FWIW however the pigeon-holing of women’s writing, and the extremely narrow range of roles for women which are accepted by the majority of our society, probably has something to do with it too.

Also, there are not enough posts that my closer friends and family might find interesting. So I’m going to attempt one month of clarity, and some posts for F&F too. Woo.

Wish me luck please – im gonna need it for sure.


And definitely no promises after October. One month is going to be plenty hard enough..




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