Where’s your ‘We’dom? Wee’ly music [2]

In depth analysis of (mostly) British politics this week:

There’s clearly a place for all political discussions at all levels, including whether we’dom is the key. If one chooses a (the most?) basic level, sure, such discussions wont necessarily pave the way for groundbreaking progress in the sphere of politics. But then perhaps not everything has to be groundbreaking. It would be a rather exhausting and difficult world, no?

This is older, and not even British [1]. So if its not to your taste, you can skip it and try this instead.  But I do find RSpice good:

Back rolling on British tracks, as always, its Kate who takes it to another level:



[1] Alright, a small confession here. Whilst most music/vids that I post up here are what I happened to listen to in that week: a sorta personal-public musical diary.  Some I just fancy postin coz i like ’em.

[2] http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/sexting-ruined-by-knowledge-of-grammar-20160929114572   aww.




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