Time to stop! Weekly Music

Could almost have been a good song – if you like your music Bond style. And yet also somehow just not.  For one, stop when you’re ahead – like say at 3:46? We’ve already really got the idea. C’mon Ruelle!

But talking good songs – or at least stuff that i like at the moment.

Maybe also see Oblivion for a more overtly political Grimes music video, with a darker outlook. Its also good – tho quite unnerving.

And yeah, I admit it. I do clearly have a crush on Grimes. Don’t let that slight voice, or frame, fool you – she’s queen; a sort-of supercharged-22nd-century-Bjorklite-with-a-big-sloosh-of-Eastern-Asian-pop. For this one, admittedly the amount of fake blood at the end and some other stuff is not too watchable. Just sing along though:

I got in a fight,
I woz indisposed,
I woz inspite of all the wicked prose,
But, im only hoomin,
n I do what I can,
I got friends in high places,
I get out for free
I got in a fight – but they dont know me,
Coz im only hoo-min,
n – I do what I can,
Arrest us!
Italian mobster looking so precious,
Never more
u gave up being good when u declared a state of war
I dont behave, I dont behave, oh eh
I dont behave, I dont behave, oh eh?
I don’t behave, I don’t behave,
Oh, are you going to the party?
You going to the show?

Right. Now I’m gonna try to fight the Grimes, and (maybe) not post anymore youtube music for a bit. At least not until I’ve got this Grimes crush under control.  I’m gonna really try. Really really.  But, I’m only hoo-min, and I do wot I can. B-E-H-A-V-E, Arrest us!

(I’m only hoo-min : -).


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