11 months of nails

Its getting towards a year since I stopped my nail nibbling habit. The habit was in the family when I started. My mother finally stopped in her forties. I stopped aged 37. For my mother stopping was difficult. She continued to worry the skin around the nails for some time afterwards. For me, it was perhaps oddly easy. I say that because I had several times previously tried to stop. Approaches included unpleasant tasting coatings and a variety of gloves. But nothing had any long term success.

In August 2015, at the same time I began to do more sport again, I also decided to have presentable nails. So I stopped. I suppose the only vaguely interesting question is why it was (previously) so difficult.

Since then have had two professional manicures, partly for the novelty, and partly to see how a professional treats my fingers. It is nice having nails done, especially the massage. But found that I dont like the polish. Its too tempting to nibble or scratch off. Sticky nail extensions are more fun and short is better for my weekly climbing forays. Short is also better in the garden (dirt) and when plittering on the piano. The clicking of permanently long nails on the keys is off putting. Nails also slide if too long.  So stickers are great. Because they can be taken off, or stuck on, when needed.

Now my finger nails are about 11 months grown out, it is clear that some are not very strong, perhaps due to damage to exposed nail beds. So, even if I could stand having long nails, it seems likely they would be prone to breaking. So short and temporary – for fun – extensions work.


Okay, this is yet more grim. Look away *now* if you are of a delicate disposition. There is another nail issue in my family. Fungal toe nails. Nice, eh. I have been attempting to get rid of this, having been on these drugs for about eight months. I wanted to try this years ago. But if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you cant take the drug. So a long wait of five plus years before I could try.

After eight months of daily somewhat-liver-destroying treatment, is it worth it? Well its not been too good for my immune system, which has got a bit dodgy in the last few months. And, given that my family must be genetically prone to toenail issues do rather wonder if, when I stop the drug, whether it will recur. Will I need a low dose forever? It seems probable. Still, whilst my toes + nails may never be too pretty,  at least my barefoot is almost presentable. It is something. And they were previously kinda really-not-so-good.



Look away…
Really look away…
1 month after stopping – shortest nail still some way to go. Cuticles not too pretty either.
About 3 months after stopping.
Very long for climbing – probably just before getting them professionally cut.
Getting towards clear? But still some evidence.

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