A mystery garden nibbler?

It has possible maybe not been the warmest spring this year. But it has been a real pleasure to have a veg garden to potter about in. Was it now about two months ago that we started planting seeds? Something like that, I think.

So whats worked and whats been no good?

The lettuce and radish have been very good – we’ve been eating home grown salad most evenings for a month or so. The rocket however has recently been severely nibbled by some animal, perhaps to the point that its not really tempting as a side salad. Something is also eating the peas. One sowing of sugarsnaps grew big enough to thwart the mystery nemesis, but all others are eaten  – down to the bare ground – whenever leaves appear.

The peas that got away

I think the pea eater may be a pigeon?  But the damage is usually done in the very early dawn, so am not very sure. And I haven’t yet caught a bird with an identifiable pea in beak..

The weeds haven’t been too bad:

Yeah okay, these weeds aren’t actually in with the veg. But they aren’t far away, and are definitely more colourful than the ones that are in the bed, such as bindweed. This is one of the things about the arrangement: the construction itself has made keeping on top of the weedz fairly trivial.

A few, ahem, organic (? The bottle really does say organic – even though they are blue and not exactly organic looking..) slug killing pellets seems to keep the few slugs that make it into the beds from multiplying. So the only real problem has been the mystery pea nibbler.

We also made a little progress with finishing off the paths, and filling up the other beds with soil and a fair amount of local (horse) poo.  But actually, though its maybe not quite so obvious from the pix below – there is still quite a lot left to do.

Some lovely tattie flowers also appeared in the last day or so, which is nice. I should perhaps soon try digging some up.

Potato flower, after a thundery rainshower.

New potatoes – boiled. With lashings of butter + salt-n-pepper, mmm.  🙂


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