Culford Triathlon 2016: June 5th

Before: Registration was open between 07:00 and 08:10. So got up around 6, and left around 06:50.  The family also decided to come along too :-). On arrival at the venue, it was straightforward and pleasant to register, and not difficult to find space in transition to rack my bike and stash my shoes.

The race: the swim was okay, if slow. I was 50 seconds slower than my predicted time. The bike ride was lovely – the sun came out just as I started. However had just reached the daydreaming phase, after 35 minutes, when I got a puncture. This was about 8 km from the end. The wheel fortunately held onto just about enough air to hobble to transition – though I had to lean entirely on the front wheel for the last 3 km, and the last 500 m was rather rough. The puncture meant a loss, in total, of 10 minutes during the ride.

The run was mostly quite nice: it is hard to get off a bike and start running, but again after 15 minutes, again had reached the happily daydreaming phase.   Robert (age 4) also ran with me for 400 m near the end – which we both found fun.  Transitions were fine, but slow. Though my time on the webpage is wrong. Around 1:21:30 is correct – the organisers seem to have added  9 minutes to my runtime. Can probably see from the pix that I rather enjoyed it: 



Approaching transition 1.

Transition 1: Um, not really how to do it.
Leaving transition 1.
Coming into transition 2: With no air left in the back wheel.
Transition 2: Still not really how to do it 🙂
The finish.


Notes for next time:

  1.  Get a triathlon belt (pix: see finisher who is just behind me). This allows your race number to be clipped over whatever you are wearing. Without a belt, I needed a race number pinned front and back, so my post-swim pink top was a necessity (see post transition 1 pix): but too hot on the day.
  2. Do some training! My last time swimming was, erm, April. And perhaps it was March since I’ve been on the road bike. 10 km or so a week of running really isn’t enough. Illness was a factor. Though should perhaps have put in a little more effort too.
  3. 250-500 ml (on the bike) is plenty for this length of event.
  4. Work out whether one is expected to wear a sports bra – or not – for the swim. Am a little confused about this. Nudity in transitions is banned but probably wearing too much for the swim (as well as the bike and run section) is also not helpful.
  5. Some others. Having supposedly signed up with (an unnamed) two more sportsmen, I was the only one who actually started. Come on peepz: sign yourselves up and turn up!



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