Stanage Climbing: May 15th

With continental jetlag being what it is, there was time for another cup of tea and even an unexpected game of tickle wrestling with the kids before pick up :-).  At 8-30am, Hannes, Diana, and Markus arrived. All aboard M’s very fine 1988 VW motor, we headed off for Stanage and arrived about 11-15 am – to lovely Peaks sunshine.

The crag was busier than last time.  H&D were first timers, but M had done a good job in persuading them of the merits of climbing, so we did:

  1. Some scrambling: various bits and bobs.
  2. Grotto Slab: Led by M, followed by H&D, solo’d by me. Bit of a wait to start this one.
  3. The Black Chimney: Led by me, followed by M&D, bailed by H: One move, then a sustained wriggle, and a tight squash – not to everyone’s taste!
  4. Black Hawk Left Traverse: Worth it for the name alone. Led by M, followed by H, D, &me.
  5. Flying Buttress: at my insistence. Probably rather ambitious given H&D’s non-existent experience. But they were game, and both made it up – in some style.
  6. Christmas Crack: This one more at M’s insistence; who was in the groove, and who led it rather impressively. Followed by me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thoughts. I probably should try to be a little braver in leading. Whenever climbing there is always someone with more experience than myself. So it seems natural to follow rather than lead. But, though usually a bit terrified along a VD or 4ish route, I don’t tend to come entirely unstuck. So that’s my May resolution: offer to lead some VDiffs next time.

But, far more important! M has located a great curry house in Hathersage. Dinner was fabulous – although after stuffing ourselves, it did mean M was the only one awake for the drive back – lots of additional kudos points to him.



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