More garden

  1. Pea Karina
  2. Pea (Snap!) Delikett
  3. Rocket (on tape)
  4. Parsnip Tender and True
  5. Radish Topsi
  6. Carrot Resistafly F1
  7. Lettuce Salad Bowl Red and Green
  8. Sweet corn Swift F1
  9. Onion sets (unknown)
  10. Garlic (unknown)
  11. Potatoes (unknown)

The kids were allowed to choose the seeds we’ve been planting; with a little oversight. I suggested what sort of things we might grow, then they chose the packets/sets that took their fancy. So the list above is a little random. But we have grown those parnips and those radishes before – and liked them. And rocket and other young cutleaf salad seems much of a muchness. Previous results from growing corn has been rather variable, with some fab – also several dismal – crops. Probably that is as much weather, as variety, dependent. But perhaps a list might help us select seeds again for next year?

A few recent garden pix:

Nibbled peas


Emerging taties

And a song :-). Heard a nice cover of this last eve: its a good song. Though [spoiler alert!] the music video ending is tragic, be warned!



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