Its arrived!

XS, quite quick, and carbon-belt driven. It can only be me new Scott Sub 10, hooray!

A few cyclists on a recent train and one of my neighbours, have already notably drooled over its SS belt and brakes. It is definitely more of a sit-up-and-take-notice-of-me, compared to my sit-up-and-beg, model, and seems unashamedly flashy.

Flashy SS? Yet its styling could somehow be just a little more upmarket.

Minor quibbles: rather perplexingly however, the SS is not really urban-commuter orientated, despite what the blurb implies.  The gearing is frankly weird. It is light and quite stiff, so acceleration is good. But try to get it to go faster than about 25-30 km/h, the gearing is too low and pedal cadence gets ridiculously high, whilst in the lowest gear, I can walk much faster than it goes. Not actually so useful for an urban commuter bike. And the styling, well, the grey and the external wiring are maybe just a wee bit dodgy. Given its position at the lower end of the carbon-belt market some of these dubious elements are nearly (but yet somehow not quite!) forgivable.

Previous sit-up-and-beg model.

In X Short: Its got a nice swish belt. But might still need a little updating.


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