Progress in the garden

Parts of the new vegetable beds are now complete. Not all. But enough to sow some seeds – exciting! So I’ve been out regularly with the kids in the last couple of weeks, radish and carrot seed packets in hand:

And now, some tiny teeny plants have come up, plus the potted-on seedlings have gotten bigger too:

We weren’t entirely patient though. There was a trip to the local garden centre last weekend to get a few bigger plants. They are now in the new greenhouse bed. The kids also seem to love the soil beds and greenhouse: mud pies, watering (any and everything), and worm hunting are some of the current favorites.


Its been chilly the last few weeks, but a couple of the decorative trees, planted last year, are also now beginning to look nice. The weather is apparently set to improve, according to the most recent forecast. Warmer temperatures are expected by the end of this week.

I have been feeling especially fortunate, this spring, to be tending and growing new plants in the garden with the kids.


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