Blog musings

In a more sensible life, this is the blog that I would like to be writing. I’ve been reading quite a lot of it recently: its good. And at a recent meeting we had a very nice discussion of this post (A Good Little Girl) on it. But. Given that xykademiqz already exists, and is clearly much better than I could write, it does actually make me feel quite a lot better about continuing to write a rather less structured, and rather less useful blog :-).

As a note to myself however, I do however intend to come back to this question again, and think a little more about whether I would like to change tack. Perhaps it might be interesting to write something more science related. Or perhaps simply writing better defined content would be more satisfying. Definitely something to revisit, but after more experience.  For now, will stick with writing this site, probably under the sorts of categories I originally set out. Writing itself continues to be fun, maybe, with enough time, I might even get better at it. Who knows?


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