Weekend haircut

After four and a bit months, two cancelled hair appointments, and one set of somewhat dodgy eyelashes, it was finally time for another haircut with Tracy. Oh, good.

We talked parents drugs. Is it okay to take one of your folk’s drugs, if they have extra-effective headache pills, or if you need a sleeping tablet for an overnight flight? We talked Tracy’s recent holiday in the Dom. Rep. – hot apparently, with a predominance of loud North Americans, and one or two retiring Europeans. We didn’t argue about chemical treatments; or the four and a half month gap between cuts. She didn’t once mention my split ends. She redid my highlights, last done in September, with an absolute bare minimum of yanking [1]. They look fine [2]. She cut my hair the way I like it, and blow dried it nicely – also no mean feat.

We also talked about the  eyelash extensions. In the first fortnight I did get one or two odd looks and interesting comments [3]. About half of the extension have now come off, at 3-4 weeks. Having done a little research (after the application, of course) it seems the mistake was to have a full set of extensions put on. It is alternatively possible to have a half set put on in the first place. See left and right pix below. The blue-eyed one on the right one looks overdone – something like my look for the first fortnight. Not good.  But the one on the left – brown eyes –  looks okay with about half the number of lashes. Like wearing a little bit of mascara, as originally promised, but without the time or mess of actually putting it on everyday. (Score!)

So. Have we turned the corner, and evolved a normal hairdresser-haircuttee relationship?


[1] Highlights are usually done by pulling some small sections of hair through a cap and then applying hair bleach to those isolated sections. The pulling is done with a crotchet hook, giving your hairdresser more or less complete control over how much head stabbing and hair yanking you have to endure.

[2] Hair highlights are an easy way to distract attention from white hairs [4].  In 2014, I started getting a few highlights bleached in every six to twelve months. Subsequently, I’ve found that another useful effect is that the highlights somehow also disguise hair dirt – particularly good for long ski or mountaineering trips.


[4] Alternatives, such as dying the full head of hair need frequent repetition since roots are otherwise too obvious: to be avoided?



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