Revenge of the hairdresser?

Whilst dressing up for occasions is fine, I’m not a fan of everyday facial makeup. It seems a waste of time and, in my view, people tend to look better without it. However I also dont like that my my eyelashes go blonde. So to avoid the need for any makeup, I dye them black.

On recent discussion of this eyelash habit, Tracy, my hairdresser, explained that a *much better* option would be to get extensions instead. So it was that I ended up on Tracy’s salon table last week. Fortunately, I had been assured that: the ‘extensions’ were no longer than my own lashes; there would be the same number; and the effect would be just like wearing a little mascara, i.e. only a little more emphasised than black dye. Pretty convincing. And its actually quite relaxing having the lashes fixed on – it takes about 30 minutes for the application. But, surprise! The lashes look like, ahem well, false eyelashes. Who would ever have thought it?

Friends have suggested the look is, um, somewhat on the sultry side. And have suggested dressing up commensurate. And also perhaps that I should treat Tracy’s recommendations with just a smidgen more caution in future. All good advice, I think. But for now the lashes are permanently stuck; they will be there until the natural lashes underneath fall out – which could apparently take a few months. All in, it was probably not really the best idea. Though, after a week, am at least getting somewhat used to them.







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