The new greenhouse

Greenhouses are wonderful places.  In previous houses, I spent many pleasurable hours in little greenhouses, dawdling over morning tea, and poking about the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Growing any plants is enjoyable, but wandering into a greenhouse in the morning, and planting, or looking after, little seedlings, then tending the older plants – its a particularly lovely thing.

I very much wanted a greenhouse for my ‘new’ house. The new house was bought in 2013 without a greenhouse. It also has little in the way of flower, shrub, or edible plant beds – perhaps more on that later. But, for now, excitement! Have made progress on a greenhouse.

This is the type that was ordered, and its expected position can be seen at the top of my sketch, and below:


A company recommended by the supplier erected the greenhouse.

I then dug out beds (preliminary) on two sides, bought some concrete pavers for 20GBP – for edging, and mostly finished off the beds.

Friends kindly gave me the first few seedlings yesterday: some tiny tomato and cucumber plants. They need growing on a little. Then I hope they will be amongst the first to go in. Looking forward to morning tea, and perhaps cake, with the new seedlings this week.














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