Carbon-belt bikes: 3

So, rather sadly, the S-sized Alpenchallenge was in the end a no-show. Despite the Evans computer saying yes, and my thus handing over a wad of cash, it seems that the last small UK 2016 Alpenchallenge was sold at the end of January.

Looking for silver linings, the no-show does provide a thought enabling pause. Namely, I think it would be a poor idea to spend money on a beautiful shiny urban bike, only to find that my arms are actually too short to reach the handlebars. Given that a similar S-size model, tried in January, demonstrated that S *was* too long; an XS frame seems a better bet.

Hunting again through the online listing suggests that the only carbon drive belt that I can actually order in an XS frame is … the Scott Sub. So, an XS Scot Sub has now finally been pre-ordered just now,  and is expected to arrive sometime in May. Am pretty confident that I should be able to reach the handlebars. With luck, I might even be able to reach beyond the handles, to the brakes too. Wooo.



Now, if it might just show up this time.


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