The last five years – in weight changes

Before Robert was conceived, five years ago, my weight hovered around 58 kg where it had been for 15 years. After Robert was born in November 2011, my weight was 70 kg. Alfred was born about two years later. In association, my weight remaining relatively high at between 63 and 73 kg for four and a half years. I did not want to do much exercise during this time.

Six months ago this changed. At the end of July 2015, during a holiday in Norway, I found I wanted to start running again. I took David running with me some days, other days I went alone. We did 25-35 min, usually followed by a swim in the sea. Two weeks later, I was running for 40 minutes each day (in Scotland) for a week, and my weight began to decrease (from 63 kg).

At the beginning of September 2015, David and I started doing timed 5 km runs every week or two, and  also ran, or swam, three times a week. In October 2015, I began indoor climbing too. My weight was then close to 60 kg. This pattern of exercise continued for another three months. As my weight gradually decreased to 57 kg by January 2016, my 5 km times improved over the same period –  by about four minutes.

[To be finished. Comments or links welcome.]





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