Ski touring trip 2016: Day 5

I got up at 4-30 am and lit the stove. Once organised and out, at 7 am, we were greeted by blowing snow and low cloud. Visibility was poor. It varied between 20 and 250 m. About 10 cm of new snow had fallen during the night.

7 am outside the Ingostadt Hut.

The planned route on this last day was to ski across part of the Gr. Hundstod and then take skins off, ski down the Hundstodgrube to Wimbachgriesshutte, and then on down the valley beyond to Wimbachbrucke.

We skied mainly by compass bearing for the first hour or so, and then a brief break in the cloud allowed an useful check on position before we climbed the Gr. Hundstod ridge. At the top we took off the skins to ski down at 9-30 am. Due to flat light and blowing snow skiing down the other side was, erm, a little hairy. David skied off the edge of an unsighted 5 m drop during this part of the decent.

The Hundstodgrube is steep. Our route down it also included a rather unnerving 2 m drop into a 50 deg chute. We made it down okay, and then recovered our nerves with the help of some tea and biscuits.

Carrying skis through some snowless sections of Wimbachgriess.

At the bottom of that section is a small rather knobbly ridge.  Below that was a track through a forest. Rain here led to heavy conditions – wet snow. After stopping for a few needed tea breaks, we made it down to the Wimbachgriesshutt at 2 pm. (Sadly closed at this time of year.) From there it is another 10 km, or so, out to Wimbachbrucke and the road. There was just enough snow to ski down the dry Wimbach river bed and then through the forest for about 8 of the 10 km.


After a 20 min wait, the taxi drive who had taken us to Konigsee picked us up from Wimbachbrucke. He was chatty and kind, an  Austrian, but originally from Afganistan. He spent 20 minutes questioning D in detail about whether his Frau had really (really??) enjoyed the ski touring. Eventually, after being reassured that the Frau *really* did enjoy ski touring, he then told us about his days spent touring and hunting in the Afghan mountains.

We were deposited back at the hotel at about 4-30 pm. And, after the requisite sauna, and in lovely clean clothes 🙂 we went out for a good dinner in Salzberg. By 8-30 pm, we were back in the hotel – and I was asleep.


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