Ski touring trip 2016: Equipment


Food for the trip:
100 g of soups
1 kg of pasta, noodles, and cous cous.
1 kg of bread
1 kg of cheese and dried sausage
2.2 kg of mixed chocolate and biscuits
Black and herbal teabags (20)
50 g of instant coffee
500 g of oats/dried porridge
500 g of coffee whitener
100 g of drinking chocolate
About 7 kg total, and roughly 2800 cal per day per person.

What we forgot – but should take next time:
Butter,honey, and fizzy vitamin tablets – nice to improve the taste of boiled water.

Total start weights (not including clothes, poles, skis, and boots) about 12 kg for me and 15 kg for David. This is roughly in proportion with our body weights. It was okay.



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