Ski touring trip 2016: Days 2-4

Day 2, after the long hard first day, I wasn’t feeling too good. The two lads kindly lit the (now functioning) stove at 6 am. I got up to make breakfast at 8 am. Then, after eating, went straight back to bed to continue snoozing. After eating again, the skis went on at 11-30 am, and we finally set off towards the Funtenseetauen peak.

On skis, Karlinger Haus in the background.

No-one else had been out that way, so we made our own tracks, and climbed up 500 m. But I still wasn’t feeling great – so we skied back down to the Karlinger Haus for 4 pm. Snow conditions were poor – wet and very heavy.

Day 3, David lit the stove at 5 am, and we were on skis at 7 am for first light. The plan was to make a long crossing, and then ski down to the north-west side of the Hochkonig. However a wrong turn at 11 am cost an hour. With that factored in, if we continued on the planned Hochkonig route, we would have to descend a steep unknown route late, at around 5 pm. This sounded a bit too risky.

So, ski skins off, and then across to join the route to the Riemann Haus instead. It was a lovely sunny relaxed ski. We made the Riemann Haus for 4 pm.

First time we visited the Riemann Haus winter room, about 7 years ago, there was no equipment in the hut – except a load of coal and a bottle of wine. The most outstanding feature of this room is that the stove gets *hot*. This time, sadly there was no wine :-(.  It had been replaced with a pot for melting snow. But, there was still a huge load of coal.

A red hot stove pipe.


The consequences…  with thanks to D for the photo permission.

Day 4 , after a very good sleep, I lit the stove at 4-30 am, and made us some breakfast at 5-30 am, and then we had another rather lazy morning. Skis on about 9 am, and then we set off for the Ingostadt Haus. Another gorgeous day, with hard packed snow and beautiful skiing.

The Ingolstadter Haus winter room is the cosiest of the three Steinernes Meer huts that we visited. I lit the stove when we got there at 3-30 pm. We then put our skis back on and went up the local Kleines Hundstod peak. We caught the beginning of the sunset on the top of the peak, and then twilight skied back down to our warmed winter room, and made dinner.

Kleines Hundstod.




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