Carbon-Belt Bikes: 1

My current bike is a 3-speed upright model. When I bought it, about 4 or 5 years ago I was a different shape. Upright bikes are useful when you are pregnant – and so cant easily bend. But in the last year or so I have really wanted to get one which is faster and more fun to ride.

Anyway, whilst in Germany last week, I borrowed and rode a carbon-belt bike. It was slightly too big, but I really liked it. It is extremely smooth. And, it is impossible to get covered in chain muck with a carbon-belt model. Having hunted around since, there seems to be two possible UK models:

  1. The Scott Sub 
  2. The Stoater

The Scott seems well priced and looks a good ride. But.. I love the Stoater! Its a beautiful bike, and it seems to be unique: the only carbon-belt (that I have found) with perfect handle bars. It does however, of course, cost a fortune:





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